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"Towards an Heterogeneous Memory Channel with Hybrid Modules"
Cadence MemCon, October 2015

The DRAM memory channel continues to evolve to adapt to new requirements.  Hybrid memory modules convert the RAS-CAS timings of the DRAM channel to allow new memory media types such as Flash to be incorporated onto the channel.


JEDEC JC-45 committee in cooperation with SNIA announced support for "hybrid" memory modules on DDR4 channels that support non-DRAM devices such as Flash memory.

JEDEC press release

EE Times press release

"Rethinking Signal Integrity Using Embedded Passives"
Cadence MemCon, October 2014

"Embedded Resistor Tolerance -- When is it 'good enough'?"

"Embedded Resistors for High Performance Memory Solutions"
"Cost-minimized Double Die DRAM Packaging for Ultra-High Performance DDR3 and DDR4 Multi-Rank Server DIMMs"
ISQED, November 2011
"DRAM Market Forces of Fragmentation & Consolidation"
Cadence MemCon, September 2012
"Four Rank Memory Modules"
SimmTester Industry Articles, March 2006
"High Convergence: Low Cost Multi-Die Packaging Enables Pace Setting Performance"
MemCon, September 2012
"The Industry's Move from Parallel to Serial Interfaces"
Denali Memory Report, February 2005
"Memory for Telecommunications, the Backbone of the Cloud"
JEDEC Server Memory Forum, November 2011
"Charge Transfer Model for SSTL Input Timing"
Timing is Everything Newsletter, March 2003
"E Pluribus Unum -- The Evolution of the Personal Computer's Architecture"
IEEE Computer Society, October 2011
"DDR Takes On Rambus"
Published as a series in Electronic News, February-April 1999
"An Historical Perspective of the Evolution of Intelligent Arrays
The PC as a Model and a Lesson for the Smart Grid
IEE Smart Grid Series, April 2011
"Data Tsunami -- Storage Trends in a Fragmenting Market"
Consumer Electronics Show, January 2011
"Time to Rethink DDR4"
Denali MemCon, June 2010
"It's a Green, Green, Green, Green World"
Consumer Electronics Show, January 2010
"DDR3 Launch Readiness"
Denali MemCon, June 2009
"Morphing SSD Into Mainstream Computing Architectures"
Flash Summit, April 2009

"Merging ATCA and VLP"
JEDEC/ATCA August 2007

"DDR3 Memory Modules"
MemCon, July 2007
"Memory Modules for ATCA and AMC"
Server Memory Summit, October 2006
"DRAM Memory Modules Overview & Future Outlook"
JEDEX, April 2006
"DRAM Module Market Overview"
JEDEX, October 2005
"Embedded Resistor Technology for Memory Module Design"
IPC, July 2005
"Future Vision of Memory Modules for DRAM"
JEDEX, April 2005
"Very Low Profile Fully Buffered DIMM"
JEDEX, April 2005
"Embedded Passives in Memory Modules"
IMAPS, January 2005
"Memory Modules Overview, Spring 2004"
JEDEX, April 2004
"DDR2 Serial Presence Detect Revision 1.2"
JEDEX, April 2004
"Serial Presence Detect: Using it Effectively to Improve System Performance"
JEDEX, March 2003
"Charge Transfer Model for Input Signaling and Referencing"
Timing is Everything Conference, February 2003
"Introduction to DDR"
JEDEX Beijing, October 2002
"DDR-II Posted CAS"
JEDEX Beijing, October 2002
"Memory Design Considerations That Affect Price and Performance"
Platform July 2002 conference
"DDR333 -- The Next Wave"
JEDEX March 2002 conference
"Low Power Systems Using Transmeta Crusoe Processors"
JEDEX March 2002 conference
"Towards the Fanless PC"
Platform February 2002 conference
"Moving to 400 MHz and Beyond"
Platform February 2002 conference
"Accelerating DRAM Performance"
Platform July 2001 conference
"Memory Technology for Small Form Factor Systems"
Platform July 2001
"An Analysis of Virtual Channel Memory and Enhanced Memory Technologies"
Platform January 2001 conference
"DDR Penetrates Mobile Computing"
Platform January 2001 conference
"Double Data Rate SDRAM -- The Next Generation"
Online Symposium for Electrical Engineers 2001 lecture series
"DDR SDRAM -- The Memory of Choice for Mobile Computing"
Computex 2000 conference
"Configurations and Considerations for DDR Memory"
Platform July 2000 conference
"Memory Solutions for Mobile Platforms"
Platform July 2000 conference
"Migrating SDRAM to DDR"
Platform 99 and Silicon Tech 99 conferences