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From SDRAM to DDR4 Memory Modules
This training module covers memory technology. The focus is on the many generations of mainstream SDRAMs from the original single data rate through DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and a peek ahead to DDR4.

Topics include:

Basic DRAM Architecture
Redundancy & Error Recovery
Market Timelines & Generation Shifts
Low Voltage DDR
Generation by Generation: DRAM Features and Functions
Power Analysis and Comparison
Reading the JEDEC Timing Diagrams
1T/2T/3T Addressing
Other optional topics include:
Graphics Memory Generations
Flash Fundamentals
SSD & Beyond
Multichip Modules and Stacking Technologies

80% of DRAM is shipped in module form. This training program focuses on the various module types for each market segment.

Topics include:

Market Segment Breakdown
Unbuffered Modules & Markets Roadmap
Server Memory Roadmap
Fully Buffered DIMM
Registered DIMM
Load Reduction DIMM
Fragmentation of Form Factors: Emergence of Blades & ATCA
Telecommunications Market Modules & AMC
Modules for the Peripherals Markets

Other optional topics include:

Reference Plane Standards for DDR
Serial Presence Detect
DIMM Labeling Standards
Address/Command Parity
Thermal Sensors