An original comedic memoir of decades in the computer industry...
You know you’re a nerd if:
    You get Best Buy gift cards from friends and family.
      You’ve hacked your gaming station.
    You carry a thumb drive on your key chain.
    You can press ‘3’ twice to get an ‘e’ without looking at your phone.
    You chuckle at the definition “Recursive (adj): See recursive.”
    Of course F is a number and G isn’t.  Duh.
    You know that DDR isn’t just Dance Dance Revolution.
    You know that “42” is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
    You’ve been on a geocache treasure hunt.
This memoir tells the personal story of a nerd who managed to be in the right place at the right time when the computer industry was in its infancy.  The author was one of thousands of bobbleheads who didn’t just watch but also participated in the Great Computer Revolution, getting inventive on their expense reports along the way.
Therefore, the book is also a historical novel, a retelling of the story of the personal computer revolution from the inside, with some of the people who made it happen seen not as icons but as a loose network of guys and girls who played together, pulled tricks on one another, ate and drank together, and for the most part had an incredible amount of fun along the way.
Nerd Story is a comedic story, mostly giving attention to the "unique" people and events that the author had contact with over the decades, with an occasional nod to the touching stories or peeks at corporate quirks that make such a life and career fully three dimensional.  Travelers will laugh at the collisions of cultures as the Revolution spread around the world.

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Nerd Story
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