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Bill Gervasi
Computer Memory Technology Analyst
Mr. Gervasi has been involved in the definition of Double Data Rate SDRAM since its earliest inception.  His background is in computer sciences and career highlights include 19 years at Intel where over the years he was systems hardware designer, software designer, and field accounts manager.

Bill subsequently was with S3 where he was an architecture specialist and at Transmeta as a technology analyst.  He then entered the memory modules world with management positions at Netlist and SimpleTech, and is credited with successfully introducing 4 rank and DDR3 registered DIMMs into the JEDEC standardization process.

He has served on the JEDEC Board of Directors and chaired committees for DRAM parametrics, small form factor memory modules, and sockets throughout the development of DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3.

Mr. Gervasi has also done expert witness testimony in court cases involving resolution of patent issues.

Bill speaks often at technology trade events.  A summary of many of his talks may be found at Industry Tracks.

He also offers training for memory technology.  Memory classes available are described here:  Training.

Bill's book, Nerd Story, a humorous personal history of the computer revolution, is available online.